July 22, 2016

pSeven 6.8 Release

DATADVANCE development team is pleased to announce the release of pSeven 6.8, a new version of the design space exploration platform for every expertise.

Major updates in pSeven 6.8 include:

  • SmartSelection technology is added to the Predictive Modeling Toolkit. SmartSelection, an intelligent model training algorithm, automatically selects and configures an approximation technique in order to obtain the most accurate model, based both on training data properties and your knowledge about the data and the underlying dependency.
  • More improvements in the Predictive Modeling Toolkit: train models that predict undefined function behavior, queue model training, handle non-numeric values in training samples, apply smoothing to trained models.
  • pSeven can now launch any application integrated in the workflow on a remote host (both Windows and Linux) using the pSeven Agent - a special utility that is automatically installed with pSeven and can be used to create distributed workflows.
  • Added error handling in composite blocks, which means that a composite block can now process errors from the blocks it contains (even if they do not support error handling) and prevent workflow from stopping in case of errors.
  • Task manager-like functionality for running workflows: you can now control workflow execution in real time by manually interrupting selected blocks without stopping the workflow entirely.

pSeven 6.8 also includes the updated pSeven Core library that provides design space exploration algorithms and other methods available. The updated pSeven Core 6.8 provides various improvements and fixes in the approximation and optimization algorithms - in particular, the advanced robust design optimization and surrogate-based optimization (SBO).

For a detailed list of updates, please see the release changelog. You can also contact us to receive more information and pSeven updates!



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