December 11, 2014

pSeven 4.2 Release

DATADVANCE development team is pleased to announce the release of pSeven 4.2, the next stable version of our platform for process integration, multidisciplinary design optimization, and data analysis.

This release adds the ability to output an extended optimization result in std.Optimizer. Extended result data set includes additional optimal solutions that violate problem constraints up to a certain (controllable) extent. It can be very useful in exploring complex optimization problems – for example, if they allow expanding the search domain, or there is a possibility of incorrect constraints.

This update is supported by another new function of std.Optimizer, the calculation of constraint-wise point feasibility measures (which are also included in the result). In general, this metric is a normalized distance to the closest (lower or upper) constraint bound calculated for each point in the solution per each constraint. It can be useful in the following ways:

  • For feasible points (optimal points which strictly satisfy constraints), it can show which constraints are "active" for a point, that is, a constraint is close to bound.
  • For infeasible points (optimal points from the extended result), it can show which constraints are violated and how bad the violation is, compared to the value of the respective constraint bound.

pSeven 4.2 also includes the improvements of tensor approximation techniques added in MACROS 4.2 and a few usability updates in the std.UQ and std.Distribution blocks used in uncertainty quantification and reliability analysis studies, as well as some general usability improvements.

Several bugs were discovered and fixed since the previous release of pSeven 4.1, most importantly the issue with resetting Linux file attributes when std.ShellScript synchronizes its local and remote working directories over SSH. This issue is related to advanced std.ShellScript configuration and is described in more detail in the release changelog.

You can also contact us to receive more information and pSeven updates!


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