April 30, 2013

MACROS 1.9.2 Released

DATADVANCE development team is pleased to announce the release of MACROS 1.9.2.

The major feature added in version 1.9.2 is the new approximation technique — incomplete Tensor Approximation (iTA), which allows to apply the tensor approximation approach when the Generic Tool for Approximation training sample was obtained using an incomplete Cartesian product DoE (such as a full factorial with some points missing) or a combination of several complete sets with different complete Cartesian product DoE. While it does not support the advanced features of the previously implemented Tensor Approximation technique, its biggest advantage is that it is not as much restrictive considering the training sample data structure, and still allows to process very large samples.

This release also fixes several important bugs in GTApprox models smoothing; in particular, it is recommended as an upgrade if you have encountered issues when using the anisotropic smoothing method implemented in MACROS 1.9, or smoothing the models built using the Tensor Approximation technique. Full details may be found in the MACROS 1.9.2 release changelog.

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