May 16, 2014

pSeven 2.4 Release

DATADVANCE development team is pleased to announce the release of pSeven 2.4 Final, the next stable version of our platform for automated simulation, process integration, multidisciplinary design optimization, and data analysis.

This is a bugfix release that addresses a few important issues discovered since the last release. Most importantly, it fixes excessive memory consumed by pSeven when it runs for a long time in graphical mode and there is some user or workflow run activity. Other notable fixes are:

  • A version compatibility issue in adapters.SolidWorks block which prevented projects with this block created in pSeven 2.1 or older from loading in pSeven 2.2. This issue appears only in pSeven 2.2.
  • Occasional bug in pSeven for Windows related to creating a temporary block working directory. Sometimes pSeven failed to created such directory before starting a workflow, and the workflow could not start. This issue is in fact minor – no data could be lost because a workflow either does not start (if the bug appears; fixed by starting again), or starts and works normally (if there is no bug).

For more details, refer to the release changelogs in the pSeven User Manual.


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