April 16, 2014

pSeven 2.2 Release

DATADVANCE development team is pleased to announce the release of pSeven 2.2 Final, the next stable version of our platform for automated simulation, process integration, multidisciplinary design optimization, and data analysis.

This version features many improvements in adapters.SolidWorks block, new ability to configure a block sandbox prototype, and increased std.ShellScript performance over SSH.

The new version of adapters.SolidWorks block includes:

  • Full support of SolidWorks assemblies (SLDASM) with several components.
  • Improved SolidWorks document introspection: values, types and units for all parameters are now shown when configuring the block.
  • New document tree viewer supporting hierarchy and complex trees.
  • The support of ZIP archives (pack&go) for document and export files.
  • Port names can now be automatically generated based on parameter names in the document. In particular, this allows batch mapping of parameters to adapters.SolidWorks block ports.
  • New file handling functions, allowing the block to work with project files using relative paths and to send exported files to other blocks directly, without writing them out to disk.
  • Better support for global variables, which can now be mapped to output ports in the same way as document parameters.

pSeven adapters.SolidWorks block interface

The std.ShellScript block capable of communicating with a remote system over SSH connection can now also automatically synchronize files between local and remote hosts. This removes the need for additional configuration of file upload and download when working remotely and significantly simplifies creating workflows that connect to an HPC cluster.

To increase the remote communication speed, std.ShellScript now keeps the established SSH connection and reuses it when creating new SSH sessions for data transfers.

pSeven's concept of a block sandbox – a dedicated working directory for the block, containing files required for its launch – has been extended with the ability to prepare a "master copy" of such directory, or the sandbox prototype. An important property of a sandbox prototype is that it remains intact even when a block modifies contents of its current working directory or clears it to remove temporary files.

This feature, combined with std.ShellScript's ability to synchronize its working directory with the remote system, provides an easy way to prepare a resource file package to upload on launch, doing this locally and only once even if the block or workflow starts multiple times.

Important bugs fixed in pSeven 2.2 Final include:

  • Extra license checked out from the floating license server when starting a workflow.
  • Internal issue with anchor point selection in multi-objective Surrogate Based Optimization mode in macros.Optimizer.
  • Incorrect file identifier generation in the file component that caused problems when copying blocks that use temporary files.

For more details, refer to the release changelogs in the pSeven User Manual.


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