August 21, 2013

PSE 1.8.3 Released

DATADVANCE development team is pleased to announce the release of PSE 1.8.3.

Starting with this release, PSE will use a more efficient project database scheme which notably reduces the database size and memory consumption when journaling large data.

Please note: Unfortunately, this update required some changes in the database structure which made it incompatible with previous versions. When upgrading to 1.8.3, project databases can not be updated (the upgrade clears all journaled data). However, existing workflows and other project settings are not affected. More information on possible drawbacks and general recommendations on upgrading to 1.8.3 may be found in PSE User Manual, the Troubleshooting section.

The 1.8.3 release features several usability updates in the workflow editor:

  • Added the block copy/cut/paste function which allows to copy a block into the exchange buffer and paste it in another workflow, preserving the block configuration.
  • Added placement guides in the workflow edit area.
  • Added a button shortcut to PSE log file on the console panel to easily view and copy long logs.

Resolved issues include:

  • A major issue with Qt library conflicts which lead to PSE GUI crashing when it is used on a Linux system with its own set of Qt libraries (for example, with KDE installed).
  • Few instances of wrong behavior for: automatically refreshed plots, workflow editor zoom, PSE Shell console.
  • Several issues in std.TextParser and std.TextGenerator blocks.
  • A crash on starting a macros.Optimizer block if different hints were set for the components of a vector constraint.

Bugfix details are found in the 1.8.3 release changelog.

Please contact us to receive more information and PSE updates!


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