July 23, 2013

PSE 1.8.1 Released

DATADVANCE development team is pleased to announce the release of PSE 1.8.1.

This release adds a new block type to the adapters block package: adapters.Kompas blocks allow to integrate KOMPAS-3D models into a PSE workflow. This block is at an early development stage, yet it provides the essential functionality to automate KOMPAS-3D processing for optimization workflows and other tasks. (In PSE Block Library the adapters.Kompas block type is found in Beta blocks group).

The SolidWorks adapter block (adapters.SolidWorks) has also received an update, adding the support for Parasolid and ACIS export formats.

PSE 1.8.1 fixes a major issue with PSE GUI not starting in older Linux distributions despite them satisfying the minimum system requirements. The core functionality and PSE Shell were never affected, as well as PSE GUI in modern distributions, yet applying this bugfix helped to further improve the compatibility of PSE on Linux platforms. The details may be found in the release changelog including a comprehensive list of other smaller bugfixes and improvements.

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