March 20, 2013

MACROS 1.9 Release Highlights

1.9.0 is the next major release of MACROS for Python. Compared to 1.8.0, it features a number of updates and improvements:

  • In addition to Generic Tools modules, MACROS for Python package will now include derived tools for specific tasks - the MACROS for Python Extras. Two of them added in the upcoming release are Mixture of Approximators module (approximation based on space partitioning) and Design Master for response surface models.
  • GTApprox pre- and postprocessing functionality was expanded, and existing implementation was refined to provide better recommendations.
  • The dynamic smoothing feature of GTApprox models will be completely replaced by a static smoothing method, more convenient and easy to use.
  • GTApprox adds a new version of the GP and HDAGP techniques (based on Gaussian Processes) special for processing input samples with heteroscedastic noise variance.
  • GTApprox model export to C will support exporting models built using the Splines with Tension (SPLT) technique and exporting model gradient and accuracy evaluation features if they are available in the model.
  • GTOpt will let user to perform global anchor point search for multi-objective optimization problems.
  • GTIVE has undergone a significant redesign of internal algorithms, increasing the accuracy of results. Also, a new sample-based technique (SMBFAST) is added.

Detailed info on this update shall be found in the 1.9.0 changelog.

MACROS for Python 1.9.0 is scheduled for release on April 1.

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