August 7, 2013

MACROS 1.10.2 Released

DATADVANCE development team is pleased to announce MACROS 1.10.2, the next release in MACROS 1.10 series.

The major feature of this release is the multi-objective Surrogate Based Optimization (SBO) support added to GTOpt. Prior to this release, GTOpt allowed to apply surrogate model-based methods to only one objective even in multi-objective problems. Now, in MACROS 1.10.2, any number of problem objectives and/or constraints may be defined "expensive" (taking a long time to evaluate). When solving the problem, GTOpt internally and automatically replaces such functions with fast surrogate models, dramatically reducing the time to solve.

Previously the application of SBO was limited by the lack of support for using multiple surrogate models replacing the objective and/or constraint functions. As of MACROS 1.10.2, this method may be used without any added limitations.

As we have already announced with the MACROS 1.10.1 release, tools using GTApprox internally are receiving special options that allow to set the internal approximation algorithm, overriding its default automatic selection. Current release adds this feature to GTDF: new option GTDF/HFA/SurrogateModelType offers the control over the internal approximator in the High Fidelity Approximation (HFA) technique.

A thorough review of training sample size requirements has been done for GTApprox, GTDF and GTIVE in order to make the technique limitations well-defined and to improve the documentation on this matter. Updated requirements are summarized in the corresponding sections of the technical reference and described in more detail in user manuals.

This release also includes several bugfixes for the rare cases of incorrect behavior in GTApprox (the Mixture of Approximators technique), GTDoE (adaptive DoE generator) and GTIVE (the FAST blackbox-based technique). See the release changelog for more details.

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