July 23, 2013

MACROS 1.10.1 Released

DATADVANCE development team is pleased to announce MACROS 1.10.1, the first release in MACROS 1.10 series.

With this release, the Mixture of Approximators tool previously found in MACROS for Python Extras has finally moved to GTApprox and is now directly available from the GTApprox interface as one of the approximation techniques.

Also for convenience, an additional statistical utilities module has been added to MACROS for Python. This module implements common statistical methods and currently allows to calculate various elementary statistics, detect outliers in data samples and perform some distribution tests.

The most important updates in MACROS Generic Tools in this release include:

  • Generic Tool for Important Variable Extraction (GTIVE):
    • Several internal improvements to the SMBFAST technique, and SMBFAST was added to the GTIVE decision tree so the tool will now select it automatically if the input data satisfies the technique requirements.
    • More robust score variance calculation and new options giving user the control over variance estimation.
    • Better handling of constant blackbox inputs in blackbox-based techniques.
    • Enabled using 1D blackboxes.
  • Generic Tool for Design of Experiments (GTDoE):
    • New techniques added: parametric study and Box-Behnken design generation technique.
    • Both are also available as the techniques for generating an initial sample when using adaptive DoE.
  • Tools using GTApprox internally will receive special options allowing to set the internal approximation algorithm which previously was always selected automatically. First tools to receive this update are GTDR and GTIVE:
    • The GTDR/SurrogateModelType option sets the algorithm for the internal approximator used in the sample-based Feature Extraction mode.
    • The GTIVE/SMBFAST/SurrogateModelType option allows to control the behavior of internal approximator in SMBFAST.

See the release changelog for more details on included bugfixes and improvements in MACROS 1.10.1.

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