March 30, 2015

50th International Symposium of Applied Aerodynamics

DATADVANCE attends the 50th International Symposium of Applied Aerodynamics, which will be held in Toulouse, France. Traditionally, the symposium gathers representatives from major french aerospace companies and their suppliers, and covers such topics as:

  • New technologies: laminarity, drag reduction, flow control, surface coatings…
  • New configurations: propulsion system installation, aircraft, UAV and compound rotorcraft design, CROR (Counter Rotating Open Rotor)…
  • Challenges in flow modelling and numerical simulation: transitional and largely separated flows, low Reynolds number flows, unsteadiness, High Performance Computing (HPC)…
  • Experimental challenges: motorized model, advanced instrumentation, miniaturization, new methodology in the field of measurements and data acquisition, post-processing…
  • Synergy between computation and experiment (wind tunnels, flight tests)
  • Multidisciplinary and multiphysics approaches: optimization and coupling problems
  • Aerodynamics for sustainability.

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location_on  31100, Toulouse, Avenue du Général de Croutte 42

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