July 1, 2013

5th European Conference for Aeronautic and Space Sciences

Dear colleagues, partners and clients,

Please come and meet DATADVANCE at the 5th European Conference for Aeronautic and Space Sciences.

We will give three very interesting talks.

  1. Evgeny Burnaev, Head of Intelligent Data Analysis group, will speak about the prediction of static and dynamic loads for a given helicopter based on flight tests data ("Surrogate models for helicopter loads problems")
  2. Stephane Alestra, Heads of Applications engineering group, will give a talk about the application of state of the art multiobjective optimization method to the design of a family of aircraft at the conceptual design phase (“Novel approach to multi-objective aircraft family optimization”);
  3. Dmitry Yarotsky, Scientific Advisor, will speak about surrogate modeling in the context of ASTRIUM Functional Digital Mock Up project ("Surrogate models for space trajectory problems").

Dates: July 1-5, 2013

Location: Munich, Germany

EUCASS is the high-level forum for all aeronautic and space research players in Greater Europe. It is dedicated to the promotion of enabling sciences and technologies. It is also the place where scientists can gain a comprehensive picture of European accomplishments. EUCASS is the natural venue for decision makers as well as an opportunity for young scientists to meet their senior peers and the Industry leaders. The main objectives are:

  • to review the state of the art in Aeronautic and Space Sciences, focusing on advances and innovations;
  • to promote industrial understanding of recent scientific breakthroughs and develop synergies between Aeronautics and Space, Academia and Industry;
  • to offer Agencies and Industry the opportunity to present their programs, particularly EU's Framework programs.

The conference will highlight advances in aeronautics and space sciences in five parallel symposia dealing with aspects of System Integration, Flight Physics, Flight Dynamics/GNC and Avionics, Structures and Materials, and Propulsion Physics. 


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